So the never ending bathroom slog marches on. We are so close to done, but not. There are a couple of repairs from things going in badly, some mismatches when new parts went in. Trim we had hoped to repaint and put back up was so brittle it just wasn’t worth putting back up. And the money was gone so anything that had to be bought just had to wait.

I’ve been thinking about the yard, and just decided to start with the front yard as it was less disheartening than the back. The back just makes me want pull my hair out So I’ve discovered that at some point someone really loved this yard. There are garden strips and I am seeing a bunch of bulbs sprouting. It’s just been horribly neglected for a really long time.

So first I discovered a cement edging under the moss, grass and debris. It took a good long while just to get it uncovered.

Then in the beds I’ve started pulling out all the weeds and garbage that has just been left in them over the last couple years. It’s a long slow process..
Of course the undone portion just sits and mocks me..
I ended up with quite the rubbish pile, even after filling the entire yard waste bin.

All and all I would have to admit it’s not lookin’ half bad.