Jen looked out the window yesterday and noticed that we had visitors:

Two big fat raccoons scurried up the pear tree and into the treehouse. I saw them again later going up, so it’s pretty clear that they’re living there. Yet another reason to take the damn thing down.

In other news, I bailed out the pond and pulled the liner out of the awful brick patio area. It’s now a rather precipitous hole in the ground, but at least it isn’t a drowing hazard.

I also fought Round 1 of Eleventy Zillion of Homeowner vs. Morning Glory and filled up most of a 50-gallon yard waste bin with stuff from around the sides of the yard and the front gardens. (Apparently beauty bark barely even slows the stuff down.) The hole in the ground allowed me to get at some of the deeper roots, which were pencil-thick, so I think as we gradually pull off the brick and the 10-mil, I’ll spend some time with a trowel and dig down a foot or so to pull up as many roots as possible.

We still haven’t gotten our tax return back, so I’m still stymied on getting anything more on the house proper done. Soon! Soon there will be new electricity, and then there will be demo!