We wanted to get the chimney and the fireplace checked so that we could have a fire while we had guests over this Thanksgiving. Plus with last years snowpocolypse I wanted us to be able to have an additional means to heat the house. So we hire professional to check things out and it appears everything is a little off. Story of our life right..? I chat with the chimney guy after he’s done his preliminary inspection. It involved a lot of.. “Wow I haven’t seen that before” “I’m not quite sure what they placed that vent there for..” “One of your chimney’s is fairly standard but the other one…”

I mention our blog and the fact that we have a ‘what the fuck’ category and they first thing he said was “you must use it a lot.”

Gee thanks buddy. Why not just rub it in?

The assistant just popped his head in and asked, “So there’s this wire tied around the chimney with a screw driver and a shoe tied to it, you want those taken down?” “Yes… yes please take it down..” I feel like I should hang my head in shame but hell?!? it wasn’t me who decided to create a my own ahht piece involving a chimney, some wire, a shoe and a screw driver? I mean who does that?