Since clearly no more tomatoes are going to ripen since it’s dropped down into the 50s around here, I pulled out all the plants in the vegetable garden, weeded it, and covered it with black plastic to hopefully keep the morning glory and grass down until next Spring.

I’m leaving the marigolds bed because they’re still blooming, and I expect they’ll continue to do so until the first frosts in about a month.

Lessons learned:

  1. Allocate this bed just for tomatoes, spaced out more than this year.
  2. Grow one heirloom, one cherry, and one Roma tomato plant each, in order to avoid Tomatopocalypse 2018.
  3. Garlic and peppers should be grown in pots and started indoors way earlier in the year.
  4. Whatever those plants were that Home Depot labeled as “strawberries”, they definitely weren’t strawberries. Get starts from an actual nursery next year.