No per se, but I sure as hell am not enjoying the process. I got to take a shower in my house for the first time this weekend. Did this take place because the remodel is finished? Nope. We hung plastic and then there was the whole getting clean in our own home.

Personally I recommend if you only have one bathroom, hire a damn contractor, or you like me with gaze upon your child with envy as they are bathing in your sink.
Look at her, rubbing it in. “Look at me, taking a bath, in the house we live in!! Hardy har har!” I know she wasn’t really thinking this but after a while anyone taking a bath when you can’t just pisses you off.

This weekend I let go of a bunch of ‘gee I wish.’ I wanted to actually organize our books before we put them out. Remembering that we had planned to organize and alphabetize our books in the old house, but somehow over the course of four years it just never happened. Though I just threw up all the books all willy nilly, now I actually have a living room that looks like my living room. There are books in the bookshelves and some pictures on the wall. I still haven’t found everything yet. But I will.

I just really want this specific remodel to be over. I know there will be many more, but no other room is as irreplaceable as a single bathroom.

Despite all my complaints, this house is becoming home. I am settling in, the cats are, even the baby.
It is becoming my house. I’m starting to love it despite it’s flaws. It’s a home.

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